Kožešnictví Slezák - výroba kožešinové konfekce a doplňků, zpracování ondater, kožichy, znalecké posudky

Ležáků 1543, 539 01 HLINSKO, tel/fax: 00420 469 311 344, e-mail: kozesiny.slezak@post.cz

Furriery Slezak - production of fur clothing and accessories

Kožešnictví Slezák, Jiří Slezák

Ležáků 1543, 539 01 HLINSKO 

Phone number and Fax: 00420 469 311 344  

Mobile: 602 134 797
E-mail: kozesiny.slezak@post.cz



Phone number:



  The firm Jiří Slezák was establisched in 1997 from the actual owner Jiří Slezák in the region Hlinsko, a traditional centre of the fur industry.

I have worked in a top position in the biggest factory of this branch more 20 years.

Purchase of fur: fox, rabbit, marten, min
 Our main program is the production of fur ready-made clothing, i.e. Cloaks, paletots, jackets, but also semi ready-made products, diverse fur plates, fur covers and accessories.

Furs are manufactured in natural from, but also in diverse colour dip dyed, sheared, printed and combined.

 We process our own material, but we have also experiences with furs, delivered from our customers.

 Our main fur material is: muskrat, fox, beaver, mink, racoon, partially imported from the United States, from Canada. Complements, e.g. Linings, buttons are supplied from Italy.

 The products Slezák are the guarantee of a good quality and content fo our customers.

 Direct contacts per phone in German, Russia and Czech.


Tel. + telecopy: 00420 469 311 344      mobile: 00420 602 134 797

e-mail: kozesiny.slezak@post.cz

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